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Leaks that haven’t surfaced, or are in remote areas can be hard to find. Our leak detection is the solution to this problem. We have the technology to locate your leak without the hassle of digging up the whole line. Make the call to locally owned Advanced Underground Imaging Services LLC today. Serving Twin Falls and Idaho with leak detection radar and imaging.

Utilities including water lines, gas lines and electric lines need to be properly located before a project begins. We provide residential and commercial customers across Idaho and Twin falls with utility location services.

Our Ground penetrating radar helps find subsurface utilities quickly, whether they are metallic or non-metallic. Advanced Underground Imaging Services LLC can identify and mark the location and depth of service utilities and other important targets.

Advanced Underground Imaging Services offers residents an in-line video camera to help locate all types of pipes. It not only gives a video image of the pipe to see what’s going on inside, but it also helps to mark the location and depth.

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If you are looking for leak detection or utility locating in Twin Falls and Idaho, contact the team at Advanced Underground Imaging Services LLC. Understanding precise locations and depths of lines, pipes, structures and foundations allows us to provide you with the service you need. Our underground imaging and radar services can save you time and money when trying to detect a leak or locate utilities in Woodriver, Twin Falls, Sun ValleyKetchumBurley, and throughout Idaho.