Utility Mapping and Surveying​

Proper utility surveying and mapping is critical, but what exactly is it?  Simply put, utility surveying is the process of looking in the ground.  It is the best and most accurate way to identify and locate pipes and lines in the ground that could disrupt construction and planning projects. A quality survey and map of an area ensures proper placement for pipes and lines for electricity, gas, water, and sewer functions.  This helps to ensure that there will be no interruptions of public or private utilities during construction, development, and repair. 

After performing a full site utility locating investigation, Advanced Underground Imaging can plot your service line locations and create a GPS map for your records. Often times a single point is not enough to show the location of a utility.  That is why at Advanced Underground Imaging we can provide an entire map of the location, direction and frequency of your utilities using GPS mapping and other advanced mapping software related to your utilities.

Who we serve:
Advanced Underground Imaging provides service to a dynamic range of clients.  Whether for residential properties, business construction, or government-funded projects, we are proud to contribute our fine work to the community.

Why Advanced Underground Imaging?
We have years of experience working in Idaho.  We have used this time to shape and perfect our methods to ensure unmatched quality and deliverables.  

At Advanced Underground Imaging, we use the most up-to-date equipment and practices to conduct thorough scans of an area.  Because one point does not show the full scope of a utility, we survey and map the entirety of a location.  We do this by using advanced technologies and methods to locate and examine the direction of utilities.  Once we have successfully surveyed an area, we can pinpoint service lines and generate a GPS map to put into your files.